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Preparing for the computer-based IELTS test? Practice online for the computer-delivered IELTS using proven mock tests from the High Scorer’s Choice series. Our tests look and work just like the real computer-based IELTS. Sign up to Start Your Free Trial Now!

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Very Accurate Simulation of  the Computer-delivered IELTS test

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Our Goal is to Make Sure You Take IELTS Completely Prepared

If you are taking the IELTS test on a computer, it is important to experience what it is like well BEFORE the test. The difference between the computer-delivered IELTS and the paper-based test is in the interface.

The interface affects the way you read, listen, write, and answer – basically everything! This is why your performance in the test will benefit from practicing on this website, in a very similar environment to the real test.

The practice tests on this website look very similar to real computer-delivered IELTS tests, and so are the actions available to you: moving text into designated spaces, choosing labels, ticking boxes, selecting options, typing answers and more.

Discover how this website will help you raise your score

If you are just starting your IELTS preparation, your first step should be understanding the format of the test and learning about all the various question types. This is what our Practice mode is for. It will allow you to choose any skill and any question type, and practice without a time limit.

When you feel ready to really test yourself and see what score you might get in IELTS, it is Mock Test time! Start a Mock Test, and you will be taken through Listening, Reading and Writing tests – just like in the real IELTS exam. The same rules and time limits will apply – the recording will be played only once in the Listening test, and you will be given 60 minutes to complete the Reading and Writing tests.


Our users are happy they found us, because...

I am happy to share that this time I have received the required score. I have got an overall 8.0 band score (L-9, R-8, W-7, S-7 ).
I am really grateful for all your help. The tests that you have designed always kept me a step ahead to face IELTS with confidence.


Doctor (india)

I really like your practice tests as they simulate same difficulty of Cambridge exams.

 Thanks again for your sincere help for IELTS students.


engineer (kuwait)

I used your practice tests for just 3 weeks prior to the test and am delighted that this material helped me achieve the following result:
Reading  9, Listening  8.5, Writing  7.5
Speaking  7, Overall  8.

All I needed was a 7 in each section, but I got more because of your material.



Thanks to you I scored a perfect 9 in Reading. It was difficult to prepare for the exam as I was working full time and had very little time to dedicate to IELTS. Your academic tests helped me immensely to work on my reading skills in a short time.

Thankfully I scored a perfect 9 in reading and an overall score of 8 in my second attempt. I can now go ahead with my immigration process without any issues.



IELTS test taker Trinadh

I took few practice tests before I started my preparation, and my initial scores were worse than I expected. Then, I started preparing seriously for the test.

Boom!!! On my result day, I can't believe my scores. I was over the moon. I got the required scores for my immigration.

Listening - 8
Reading - 7.5
Writing - 7
Speaking - 7
Overall - 7.5



IELTS test taker Kana

I feel that the listening and reading tests here are a bit more difficult than IELTS 15 Academic Student's Book published by Cambridge University Press. Thus, if I study with this site a lot, I will feel that the real IELTS test is easy.

These tests have good answers, they teach me where I should read back when I have wrong answers. Answers are easier to understand than IELTS 15 Academic Student's Book. I also learnt what kind of passages and questions are easy to solve. It helped with my IELTS strategy.



I am fully employed and could hardly find time over the weekdays to spend preparing for IELTS. I came across these practice tests and was interested, as practice makes IELTS easier to take.

I just got my IELTS Score and my Writing score is a perfect 7, thanks to your practice tests. It has helped me get my desired band!



I am writing this to express my gratitude. I took General Training IELTS and scored Band 8.0.

 I did not have much time to prepare. I just went through the book "Ace The IELTS" and completed 10 practice tests.

Thanks again for your guidance and help. You are doing an amazing thing for everyone taking the test.



IELTS Test Taker mironi

These practice tests are in the same format and at the same difficulty level as the real test. The tests are not only useful for preparing for the exam, but also for developing all the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

I feel that the authors' enthusiasm for encouraging and helping English language learners is evident in the careful and thoughtful design of the material. The level and content of the questions and the explanations gives a clear indication of this.



IELTS test taker Mara

Imagine that I focused on the exam for a month or so. I did my Academic IELTS two weeks ago and I've just got the results.

Listening - 8.5
Reading - 9
Writing - 7
Speaking - 6.5
Overall - 8

I didn’t expect such a great score and I want to thank you. You've been extremely helpful and my result is the proof!


Teacher (Italy)



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